Challenge Class!

Current reminders:

Water bottles should be in school as it's quicker to grab these at the start/end of a lesson than you going all the way to the water fountain...

On sunny days try to bring in a hat of some kind to keep you protected.

On days when the weather is 'iffy' make sure you at least have a cardigan/jumper on.

Our trip to Joss Bay is on Thursday 13th. Make sure you have suncream on for this day and bring a hat. The £2 spending money on the trip letter can be used on this trip to buy yourselves something cooling (ice cream!) as a little treat.

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What a year it has been! As your time in year 2 comes to a close I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed having you all this year. You are all amazing and have made my year a busy and interesting one! Throughout the year you have made SO MUCH progress and I am proud of each and every one of you. :) 

Things to think about for year 3:

- You now NEED to make sure that your diaries are in school and handed in EVERY DAY. This should have a message that you, or a grown up, has written most days to show what you have read. If you really want to impress your teachers, write a sentence about something that happened on those page or a question that you asked/answered about it.


- What is expected of you work wise increases so you need to make sure that you are still regularly practising your times tables (2,5,10 and include 3 and 4's too) this could include practising the divisions for these too.

- Make sure that you know the year 2 common exception words very well and for extra practise I have included a list of homophones that you should know in the homework section.

 - Try to complete a small piece of writing each week. Some ideas include:

A diary entry about your week.

A character description about someone in your book.

An alternative ending to your book.

A paragraph relating to some research that you've done about your current topic.