Homework for year 2 will be to go onto mathletics for one session a night, 15 minutes reading every night and to practise their 2, 3 ,5, and 10 times tables.  We have sent home tasks to complete with your child once they have finished reading their reading books.  Children's diaries and reading books must be in school everyday and diaries need to be signed to say that your child has read to an adult every evening.  When other pieces of homework are set we will put them onto the website for your information.

There are common exception words for year 2 below. Your child is expected to be able to read and spell these words by the summer term.


Homework for the next two weeks will be to ensure your child can spell their surname, count in tens from any number Eg: 12,22, 32 etc. and what one more and one less than any number is. Mathletics Rock time tables, reading and spelling as per every night.  Please remember to record your child’s reading in their diary every night.  Spelling for this week will be revision of previous spelling and to then learn to spell child, children, wild, climb, most and only.  Your child needs to then put these words into a sentence.  Homework is due back on 20th October 2017 please ensure that your child’s homework book is returned on this day.  Kind reminder that your child’s reading books and diary needs to be in school every day.

Updated homework 9/10/17