Homework: (Going out on 5/7/17)

Due back Monday 17th July

As we went to Hall Place on Tuesday 4th, we would like you to write a description of your day there.

Think about the workshops that you went to; what you saw there, what you did there, anything you learnt there or even any questions that you had about it.

In class, you would be encouraged to use:

 - Expanded noun phrases (The blue butterfly with the delicate wings)

 - Questions

 - Exclamation sentences (What a beautiful day! How lovely is the weather!)

 - A variety of spellings (words with apostrophes, words with the suffixes -ment -ness -less -ful -ly)

 - Correct capital letters and full stops and always your neatest joined up writing...

See if you can use some of these in your piece of writing to show your parents as well as us.


As well as this, have a look at the common homophone list below and see if you can improve your spellings and knowledge of these.