DATE SET: 12.6.17

For homework we would like you to write a message to us in hieroglyphics. Also find out what the Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics for.Can you write your name in hieroglyphics?


Every two weeks we will be having a spelling test and a multiplication test.



  1. ravenous
  2. poisonous
  3. fabulous
  4. nervous
  5. ridiculous
  6. hazardous
  7. curious
  8. famous
  9. nervous
  10. hideous

Challenge Words

  1. dangerous
  2. glamorous
  3. mountainous
  4. adventurous
  5. courageous


Multiplication test

Mr Cheeseman's class: 4 and 8 times table.

Mr Connor's class: inverse of 3 times table (division facts).

Mr Cheeseman and Mr Connor 

RETURN HOMEWORK BY Friday 23rd June, 2017.