Our homework now follows a different format.

You will have all of the half term to complete AT LEAST 3 activities from the sheet. These should be done to YOUR best standard and be something that YOU are proud of. 

These will then be presented in class in the last week of the half term (5th Feb-9th Feb) so should not be brought in until then.



Since we have been working on multiplication, your activities on Mathletics will be linked to this. Please complete these to keep working on your multiplication skills!

Your topic and Mathletics homework should be completed by Friday 1st December.

Remember to keep going on your TTRockstars! Who is going to win this week’s Battle of the Bands?



This week's spellings are:



Previous spellings this half term have been:

Basically          humour           humorous

various             truly                 automatically

length              library              hideous




Ways to help remember your spellings:

-Writing them in different ways (fancy letters, different colours for vowels and consonants, letter pyramids)

-Syllables. How many does it break into?

-Smaller words. Is there a smaller word in there you can spell that can help you?

-Ping pong. With another person, each person says the next letter of the word.

-Use it in a sentence. This helps remember the meaning of the word.

* These words are ones that you are more likely to use in your writing so make sure you are confident with these.