Your homework is to research one of the recent hurricanes (Harvey/Irma/Juan/Maria) and create a poster about it. You should include:

  • Where it began.
  • The path it took.
  • How long it lasted.
  • Maximum wind speed.
  • Any other interesting facts about it.



We are now setting Mathletics homework that goes along with what we have been teaching in maths. If you log on to the website you should see the tasks that have been set for you.

Homework is due back: Friday 8th October.


We will be doing these weekly now as we need to ensure we cover the year 4 curriculum and also look at spelling issues in the classes.

This week's spellings focus on the prefix 'in' - meaning not or into.

You should use the * spellings in sentences.

inactive *                          incomplete *

incorrect *                        infinite *

inaccurate                       inedible

insecure*                          inactivity

indefinite                          indecisive

These will be tested on Monday 2nd October.