Mathletics will be available on the website to complete by Friday 17th November.

Please ensure that you are all doing this as it is an important tool to go alongside your maths lessons.

(Also remember to practise your times tables using TTRockstars!)


Imagine you are a Viking going away on a longship to raid other countries. We would like you to write a postcard home to your family, describing what it was like and how you would feel.


Fronted adverbials,  paragraphs,  good quality adjectives  and consider your punctuation.

This is due back in Friday 17th November.



Your new spellings will focus on the 'shuhn' sound spelt as 'sion'.

This is largely focused on root words ending in 'se' 'de' or 'd'.

expansion                                      extension  *

comprehension *                            tension

corrosion                                        supervision *

fusion                                             conclusion *

persuasion  *                                  suspension


These spellings will be tested on Monday 13th November.

Can you use the starred words in your writing? (Both at home and in school)

Ways to help remember your spellings:

-Writing them in different ways (fancy letters, different colours for vowels and consonants, letter pyramids)

-Syllables. How many does it break into?

-Smaller words. Is there a smaller word in there you can spell that can help you?

-Ping pong. With another person, each person says the next letter of the word.

-Use it in a sentence. This helps remember the meaning of the word.

* These words are ones that you are more likely to use in your writing so make sure you are confident with these.