Year 6 Homework:

With this term being crucial for preparation for SATS tests in May, you may notice that homework has stepped up a gear. Children will receive weekly homework that will consist of:

  • arithmetic test (15 minutes)
  • spellings (10 minutes each night)
  • reading comprehension (15 minutes)
  • punctuation/grammar task (10 minutes)

Homework is due back on Friday and will be marked in class, with the children, where they will be able to discuss answers and gain instant feedback. All pieces are carefully planned in conjunction with classwork and aim to consolidate new learning. 

We ask that children complete homework independently but would encourage you to discuss their work with them once this has been completed. 

Thank you very much for your continued support!


week 8:

inconceivable           sovereign

sleight                         thoughtless

roughened                 thoroughfare

slaughter                    preconceived

sincerely                     sufficient


week 7:

conceive                   counterfeit

leisure                        thoughtfulness

roughage                  thoroughness

haughty                     perceivably

relevant                     rhythm


week 6: not applicable


week 5:

conceit                      weird

feisty                           forethought

toughen                     breakthrough

fraught                       conceited

prejudice                   privilege


week 4:

predict                        predictable

reason                        reasonably

plausible                     digestible

forget                          hindrance

forgettable                persuade


week 3:

laugh                        suggestible

laughable                regret

fashion                      regrettable

fashionably              mischievous

edible                        marvellous

week 2:

break                          flexible

breakable                  justify

remark                        justifiable

remarkably                interrupt

compatible               interfere

Week 1:

depend                      permissible

dependable              desire

enjoy                           desirable

enjoyably                    guarantee

feasible                        harass