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Welcome Back

Welcome back after the half-term break! We hope you had an enjoyable and restful break and are looking forward to an exciting half-term full of great learning opportunities. We’ve had a great start to the term in school already. The children have settled back into school life and routines very well. Please remember that our doors are always open at the end of each day should you have any questions or concerns.


Many Thanks

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to your child’s home learning challenge book already.  Parental input into learning books is extremely valuable. Your child is learning ALL THE TIME, whether it’s sharing toys at home with siblings, recognising letters or numbers in the environment, getting dressed independently, mastering riding a scooter, learning how to swim, observing seasonal changes in the park....the list is endless!


This Half Term

Each half term we plan a topic which provides starting points for activities to support children’s play, learning and development. This half term’s topic is “Celebrations”.  During this half term, we will be looking at all types of celebrations both here and around the world.  See the termly plan for details.


Upcoming Events


Thursday 30th of November – Reception Admission 2018 Open Day

Wednesday, 06th of December – Nursery Christmas Concert

Friday, 15th of December – Nursery & Reception Christmas Party

Wednesday, 20th of December – End of Half Term