Home Learning Challenge Books

In nursery, we find that ‘home learning challenge books’ are an excellent way for us to celebrate the individual achievements of your child together. They also allow us to maintain excellent communication regarding your child’s education development between home and school.

Once every two weeks, your child will be given an optional activity which will be stuck in or attached to your child’s book and we highly recommend that your child is encouraged to do these activities at home.  These tasks are designed to reflect what they are learning in school and extend their learning at home. It may be that sometimes you scribe your child’s thoughts in their exact words and this is completely acceptable at this stage.  Feel free to include photographs, drawings or examples of mark making or writing that your child does.

We strongly believe that by joining in and encouraging learning at home you are helping your child to develop positive study skills and habits that will serve him or her well throughout life. You are your child’s first educators and we sincerely value your partnership in their education.