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Welcome to Explore class web page.


Welcome back to the final reception term. Our focus topics will be Bears & Journeys. We have seven busy and exciting weeks ahead of us with lots of events and activities.  We look forward to sports day, the teddy bear picnic, SMSC week and the summer fete. Our literacy work in class will approach invitation and letter writing along with the class texts. In maths we are  securing our learning by halving, solving problems, counting on from a given number, counting back and working with capacity. 


As we prepare for the final few weeks before Key Stage 1, we are working at school and at home to secure key skills within the EYFS curriculum. These include: writing and recognising numbers securely to 20, being able to add and subtract small amounts, writing a short phrase or sentence that can be read by myself an others, reading and writing some irregular words (rainbow words) and developing social and communication skills.

We encourage you to keep up the good work at home. As you read, write and work with numbers, the children develop a positive learning approach and make fantastic progress. 

Please let us know if we can help. 





Upcoming Dates:

6th June - Sports Day - Am

8th June - Inset day (children not in)

19th June - teddy bear picnic

28th June - Coffee session

4th July - Parents Evening

6th July - Summer Fete

9th July - SMSC gallery walk

19th July - Last Day

20th July - Inset day (Children not in)

 Please see the termly plan for more details.


Important Reminders

  • Children will need to bring a water bottle to school each day and they will have free access to fresh water should they need it. They will not need to bring any snack items as the school is provided with free fresh fruit for the children to choose at snack time. 


  • If your child will be staying for school dinners and they have any dietary requirements or foods they are not allowed, please make sure to tell the school office. 


  • Please make sure that you have put in your online order if you would like your child to be given milk at school.


  • Due to some children with serious allergies, our school is 'nut free'. We would be extremely grateful if you could ensure that children do not bring any nut based products (including peanut butter) in with their packed lunch.


Thank you for your support.