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Hook Lane Primary School

Encouraging Fearless Learners



Throughout the term children should be completing tasks on Mathletics each week, and reading their books with an adult daily.


Year 1 Homework—Autumn 1 2018

Below is a list of homework tasks for this term. Choose at least one task to complete.

We will be sharing our home work at the end of term so please ensure that it is returned to school by Monday 19th October.

* Choose a character from a story that you like. Write a letter to them.

* Draw a map of where you live.

* What is your favourite animal? Draw a picture of it. Then write a sentence to describe it.

* Draw a picture of yourself. Label the different parts of your body.



Week 1 - To be tested on 20.9.18

  1. rain
  2. laid
  3. oil
  4. boil
  5. even
  6. a