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I am struggling believe that this is the last half term of the year! It's been an absolute blast getting to know you all and seeing how far you've come with your learning. It will be such a shame to see you all go but I can't wait to see how you do in year 5.

In English we will be looking at the book 'Leon and the Place Between'.

In maths we are focusing on geometry - including properties of shape and position and direction. We will be revising methods for calculations during this time too so any extra work on this at home would be great.

Our topic is based on our Science unit about changing states.

We will be having SMSC week this term. We will be using books to talk about wider messages and focusing on well being and motivation.


These should be in school every day. There should be evidence of reading in these at LEAST four times a week as this is part of your homework. For 4 days reading you receive one housepoint, for 5 days you receive two housepoints...however, if you do not read enough there is a break time detention for 5 minutes so choose wisely!


Our P.E days are Tuesday and you will be having cricket lessons on Friday afternoon. You are expected to have a full kit in for these days. Girls with long hair will need to have this tied back. For outdoor PE - tracksuit bottoms, a plain jumper/jacket and sensible trainers are more than welcome.


Our Tudor trip to Hall Place

This is our dance to Proud Mary by Tina Turner....

Being Viking raiders rowing our longboats...

This was our experiment to see what happens to food as it travels down the digestive system towards the stomach. 

We broke bread down ,with our hands, to replicate the function of the mouth and teeth.

Then, we squeezed it into the bag to demonstrate how the oesophagus pushes food down toward the stomach.

Finally, we added orange juice to represent the stomach acid and gently squeezed the contents for a minute.

The results were not very appealing to look at or feel - however we all really enjoyed it!

For our warm up in P.E we recreated the shapes of different parts of our digestive system. We worked together to create what we thought the small intestine might look like...(we really quite enjoyed being a small intestine too!)

Some pictures of our trip to Tesco.

Some pictures of STEM week in our workshop and building our marble runs.