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Summer 1 Homework



Below are the spelling words for the week. Find ways that work for you to learn them. This could be by writing them down repeatedly, saying them aloud in different voices, breaking them down into smaller words, finding rhymes - there is no one right way so experiment with what works best!

This page will have the spellings added from each week to help prepare you for the Spelling Bee - which will be at the end of the Summer term. Remember to keep coming back to spellings that you are finding hard as you need to find a successful way to remember them too!


Week 1:


knew     wrestle     bomb     fasten     honest     island     plumber    honour      sincere    soldier


Week 2


knight   wrinkle    climb    listen   hour    aisle   succumb   heir   stomach   suggest


Week 3

knot    answer    thumb   thistle    ghost   debris   doubt   rhinoceros   symbol   system


Please complete your mathletics homework.