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Autumn 2 Homework



Below are the spelling words for the week. Find ways that work for you to learn them. This could be by writing them down repeatedly, saying them aloud in different voices, breaking them down into smaller words, finding rhymes - there is no one right way so experiment with what works best!

This page will have the spellings added from each week to help prepare you for the Spelling Bee - which will be at the end of the Autumn term  in December. Remember to keep coming back to spellings that you are finding hard as you need to find a successful way to remember them too!

Week 1:

 vicious             ambitious          social         crucial       partial       initial         malicious       unofficial       according       achieve


Week 2:

 precious       cautious        special        facial        martial      spatial        infectious        superficial         aggressive      ancient


Week 3:

delicious      fictitious      official      racial       confidential      palatial      spacious      residential      attached       available  


Week 4:

suspicious   nutritious    artificial   antisocial   essential   credential   atrocious   substantial   average   awkward


Week 5:

distant     distance     tolerant   tolerance   innocent    innocence    radiance   insistence    bargain   bruise 


Week 6:

elegant   elegance   relevant   relevance   intelligent   intelligence    fragrance   residence   community   competition


Week 7:

important   importance   reluctant  reluctance   different  difference   disturbance  violence  determined  develop

Please complete your mathletics homework.