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 Transition time is fast approaching!

Transitioning to a new class, new teacher, new school, or a holiday is a massive hurdle for any child, this is especially true for a child with ASD. Even transitioning from daily highly preferred activities to non-preferred activities can be a huge challenge. It's important to set up our children for success! Our next coffee session will be aimed at transition in all forms so keep a look out for this! 

Here are some of my 5 top tips for smoother transitions.

  1. Remind children of positive reinforcements before transitioning (ex. rather than "you need to come inside playtime is over" you could say "lets go inside and find your lego,
  2. Prepare children visually (social stories, timetables, timers) for changes before they occur.
  3. Sandwich the more difficult or less pleasurable activities with more highly preferred activities (ex. if getting into to school is a difficult activity use a timer for a short pleasurable activity on the way to school  and then start with a positive motivator as soon as they come into school. 
  4. Whenever possible offer limited (2) choices.
  5. Remain calm and consistent through the transition. 

As always, please have a look at the "How you can help your child" tab for more information on transitions, sensory processing, sleep difficulties and other useful links which may help you and your child this term.



Mrs Cheeseman, Lead ASD Teacher