What the pupils say about the Intervention Groups






These are some of the end of year comments from children who have been part of Intervention Groups

"Wave 3 is fun, it improves my Reading and we play the Trugs game" 


"The Wave 3 Reading programme helps me back in the classroom because when we do spelling tests I remember what we did in the group"


"Therapeutic play sessions are fun and if I'm stressed it releases the stress. I have learned to speak more about my problems, I come out relaxed"


"I have enjoyed Wave 3 Maths because I learned new things that I didn't know. When I am back in class it helps me because I remember the methods I have been taught"


Using Dyslexikit "I have learned lots, it was fun and it made me excited. I know my whole alphabet. Mrs Allen helps me to understand and teaches me to play new games"

Oral to written Narrative programme- "When I am focused I am confident. It has helped me so much with my writing"

Social Skills and Anger Management work- "I have learned to share, to calm down, and to talk and tell people. It helps to talk. It has helped me back in the classroom to think a little bit quicker and keeps me calm"

The Maths group helps me because when I get into class I feel more prepared.

"I like the Intervention groups because I like Reading and writing. The stories are also exciting. I have learned to use bigger words I didn't know. I can now use full stops and capital letters. The group helps me back in class because if I am stuck on a word, I remember if we did it in a group"


Speaking and Listening through Narrative- "The group helps me back in class because I now put my hand up in class"