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Hook Lane Primary School

Encouraging Fearless Learners

Golden Book


Each week teachers nominate two children from their class who have achieved well to be included in our Golden Book. They are presented with a certificate during our Friday celebration assembly, have their name recorded in our Golden Book and have their photo displayed on our Stars of the Week board.


Congratulations this week to:



Elvis - working hard to share and talk with friends

Lacey - working hard to write numbers to 10

Alara - always trying hard and learning all her numbers to 20

Kennie - excellent progress in phonics and writing

Year 1:

Alex - great work on fractions in Maths

Leja - great work on calculations

Aedan - improvement in reading

Alex - persevering through challenges

Year 2:

Ester - always listening and working hard in everything

Harry - being a superstar in every lesson and doing his best

Tucker - progress in writing

Stefan - trying his best in class

 Year 3: 

Caitlin - always giving 100% in her work

Jael - excellent work in Maths this week

Riley - a fantastic description of the Cyclops Polyphemus

Joseph - excellent knowledge of "light" in Science




































 Year 4:

Renee - making well thought out improvements to her writing

Mekel - consistently challenging herself in his writing

Mia - writing a fantastic introduction to her traditional tale

Isabella - taking responsibility for an enormous change in attitude

Year 5:

Livia - being a superstar actress in our class assembly and singing a beautiful solo

Liam - being a excellent team player and a wonderful member of the school football team

Elizabeth - writing and performing a wonderful song

Julia - writing and performing a wonderful song

Year 6:

Yoanna - improving her reading score

Rotimi - being an "active" learner in class

Brooke - improving her arithmetic score (40/40 in the last test)

Carly - working extremely hard and improving in all areas of her learning