Golden Book


Each week teachers nominate two children from their class who have achieved well to be included in our Golden Book. They are presented with a certificate during our Friday celebration assembly, have their name recorded in our Golden Book and have their photo displayed on our Stars of the Week board.


Congratulations this week to:



Toby - for trying really hard in phonics

Lucy - for enthusiastic participation in all her phonics lessons

Casey - for growing in confidence and maturity

Lois - for helping others with their learning

Year 1:

Aedan - for huge improvements in his phonics and writing

Kristupas - for helping around the class and participating in lessons more

Alex - for great independent working

Luca - for great Maths work on shape

Year 2:

Adhi - always doing his best and working hard

Hayden - for trying hard and focusing on his work

Thomas - for working hard to improve his concentration

Chloe - for progress in writing

Year 3:

Zachary - for using embedded clauses in his sentences

Gregory - for answering lots of questions on the carpet

Summer - for working hard to improve her sentence structure

Aronas - for excellent effort in Maths






































 Year 4:

Victoria - for working very hard in Maths

Jack - for writing an outstanding diary entry in English

Isabelle - for writing a fantastic diary entry as Edward Tulane

Mihriban - for showing resilience in our sketching session

 Year 5:

Harleen - for working hard on short division

Saba - for a great start to our Ancient Greece topic

Leila - for great work on division in Maths this week

Dilara - for great work on division in Maths this week

Year 6:

Zak - for great contributions in Maths lessons

Harry - for improving his grammar and punctuation knowledge

Divani - for her dedication to ensuring the class assembly ran smoothly

Carly - for the great amount of effort she put in when tree planting in Danson Park