Here is the summary of key findings for parents and pupils from our latest report:


          Hook Lane is a good school.


  • Most pupils achieve well. They make good progress form usually low starting points to reach broadly average standards by the time they reach year 6.
  • Since the previous inspection, the proportion of pupils making and exceeding expected progress in English and maths has risen and now compares favourably with the national picture.
  • Children settle quickly into the Early Years Foundation Stage. They learn well, developing key social and communication skills and gaining a good grasp of early mathematical concepts.
  • Teaching is good overall and some teaching is outstanding. Teachers create opportunities for pupils to strengthen their communication skills across a range of subjects.
  • Marking is a particular strength as it involves pupils in a dialogue about the next steps they need to take in order to improve their learning.
  • Pupils enjoy being in school, attend regularly and feel safe. They are given frequent opportunities to express their views about all aspects of school life and know that their opinions matter. They behave respectfully towards each other and with adults.
  • Leaders and managers, including the governing body, have worked effectively to improve performance since the previous inspection and have successfully addressed all the recommendations. This shows they have the capacity to continue to improve and meet the aspirational goals they have set for the school.


It is not yet an outstanding school because:

  • The proportion of outstanding teaching is not yet high enough to ensure pupils make rapid and sustained progress across all year groups.
  • Occasionally, opportunities are missed to deploy additional adults effectively throughout the lesson to maximise progress for all.

To read our full report please click here:   Find OFSTEd report