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Hook Lane Primary School

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Charging and Remissions



The Governors of Hook Lane Primary School have agreed to adopt the following policy with regard to charging for school activities.  The cases in which these charges will be remitted are also set out.  Unless the Governors have adopted and published a policy, parents cannot be charged for school activities. 

Education provided wholly or mainly within school hours will be free of charge.  This includes transport between the school and any other place where the education is provided and includes the cost of travel and tuition on a school journey or a visit taken wholly or mainly within school hours.  The school’s hours are set out in the school prospectus.  Due to school budget restrictions, voluntary contributions will have to be sought from parents to subsidise a school activity including, for example, a school journey or visit taken wholly or mainly in school hours.  If parents are unable or unwilling to pay, their child will not be excluded from that activity, but if insufficient contributions are forthcoming the activity may be cancelled. 

Outside school hours, no charge will be made for activities, which fulfil specific requirements of the syllabus (National Curriciulum and Religious Education) except in the case of the board and lodging elements for a school journey involving an overnight stay.  However, this charge will be remitted for any pupil whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit. 

Charges may be made for optional extras provided wholly or mainly outside school hours (for example a school journey or visit) where the cost of travel, board and lodging and any other provision may be charged.  (Board and lodging in this case is not the subject of remission for parents receiving Income Support or Family Credit.)

Educational materials will be free of charge unless, in a practical lesson (for example, craftwork) a parent has indicated in advance a wish to own the finished product.  In this case, the cost of materials will be charged. 

Individual musical tuition, including the hire cost of instruments, where not part of the syllabus, may incur charges.  Where charges are made, parents will not be asked to pay more than the cost of the actual provision for their child. 

NB  The Charging and Remissions Policy only relates to the provision of Education within the school.  However, in the future parents may be asked for recompense where a child causes damage.  Therefore breakage or damage caused to school property, equipment and materials, including the loss or replacing of books, caused by a pupil’s misbehaviour may incur a charge equal to the cost of repair or replacement as new.