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Encouraging Fearless Learners

In School Transition


In School Transition policy

It is the aim of our practice to enable children to transfer easily between classes, for children to feel confident about the expectations of the following year, for parents to be informed and for teachers to be secure in understanding the strengths and needs of their new classes. By achieving this, transition will have the minimum of anxiety for children and their families, children will be ready to learn from their first lessons in the new academic year and teachers will be able to teach challenging lessons from the first days in September.

To do this we will:

  • Arrange informal social events for children, enabling children from different year groups to share their experiences.
  • Run three meet the teacher sessions in the summer term. Children will be taught by their receiving teacher. Work will include literacy and numeracy and will be recorded in the new workbooks for the following year. Teachers will have opportunities to plan this work together and review the outcomes, ensuring that expectations are consistent across year groups.
  • Teaching assistants will have multiple opportunities to work with the children they will be supporting in the following year.
  • Children with particular needs will have individual transition plans, including the opportunity for parents to meet staff who will be working with their children.
  • Cross school, and where possible inter school moderation of children’s work in key subject areas will ensure accuracy of assessment.
  • Year 2 children will start to attend key stage 2 assemblies towards the end of the summer term.
  • One end of year development day will be devoted to effective transfer of children’s assessment levels and individual needs.
  • Gradual phase out of afternoon break for year 3 in September.
  • Pupil premium mentoring through first half of Autumn term.
  • There will be opportunity for parents to meet with their child’s new teacher early in the Autumn term.