Sports Premium

This is our action plan 2017/18 for making effective use of our sports premium funding. These are the actions we intend to take to encourage our pupils to be active and to provide our pupils with the opportunity to achieve their personal best.

The impact of the funding 2016 -17.

This year we have been given £10,150 for our sports premium funding.


This year we gained the School Games Silver award. This demonstrates our school's commitment to engaging in and delivering competitive school sport and our effective use of our school sports premium budget.This year, we used our Sports Premium funding to employ a Sports Apprentice through Charlton Athletic. He was able to be deployed as an extra adult within P.E lessons to offer new ideas and deliver warm-ups and group work. The new P.E plans are being used with the sports apprentice so that the lesson objectives are explicit and thus he can be used effectively as possible. Additionally, the Apprentice is able to concentrate on developing the least active pupil’s basic skills and challenging the more able pupils to excel.

As well as being used within P.E lessons across the school, the Apprentice delivered focused sessions to year groups at lunchtimes. These covered key skills such as fitness, agility, throwing and catching. He has also worked with the girl’s football team and the year5 and 6 football teams in developing their skills and teamwork.

A Change4 life sports club has also been set up this year. This is ran by year 5 Sports Leaders and the Sports Apprentice. This will be delivered at lunch times and aimed at the least active children to engage in physical activity and make health improvements. Apart from the many benefits this programme will offer to children, it will also demonstrate to OFSTED how our school is enhancing pupil’s well being, catering for target groups (including pupil premium children), tackling the health agenda and make effective use of the Sports Premium funding.

 Moreover, we employed Bexley Cricket club this year to provide effective sports coaching during curriculum time and after school in our school cricket club. We focused the in-school coaching on year 3 and 4 pupils, were it was identified that further support in developing skills such as batting, catching and fielding was required. The coach was able to concentrate on developing the least active pupil’s basic skills and challenging the more able pupils. An emphasis was placed on encouraging girls to get involved in sport through cricket too. This proved effective with a number of girls going on to play extra cricket at Bexley Cricket Club.

This year the school is applying for the Arts mark. As a consequence, we will continue to focus on developing dance throughout the school. A 2 day whole school African dance and drumming workshop was held this year. This again encouraged more children to get involved in physical activity throughout the school in a cross curricula way.

The current P.E plans are working well amongst all staff. The feedback has been positive from staff as well as children. There are clear elements of challenge and differentiation and they are easy for all to follow and plan from. These also have links to other subjects.

When the children have been on the playground/field, the children have been able to use a variety of new equipment. This has been targeted towards basic skill improvement and ‘traditional’ playground games. The children have been enjoying these opportunities and there has been a visible increase in how many children are active a lunchtimes. Midday Supervisors and other staff have been engaging in play with the new equipment, teaching the children how to use it and different games they can play.

This year we have seen an increase of 20% in children attending after school clubs and an increase of 8%  in girls attending our after school clubs. Moreover, the National Child Measurement Programme this year showed that the proportion of children who were overweight or obese in our school in Reception is 32.2%. This is higher than the national average. However,by year 6 the proportion of children  who are obese or overweight  is  similar to the national average. This shows how the programmes, put in place to encourage children to be active is proving effective in our school.

Mr L Connor



The impact of the funding 2014-15.

Last years sports premium funding had an effect on the teaching of P.E and staff confidence in this, which impacted the children’s activity and fitness levels.

Percentage of children in each year group that are working at secure levels in PE:

Present yeargroup               2014              2015

2                               91                  93

3                               79                  88

4                               90                  83

5                               81                  86

6                               84                  91

(7)                           (91)              ( 95)

The standard of teaching P.E improved and is consistent, this is based on lesson observations and data from across the school.

There have been continued sporting successes in school this year including another win for our year 6 in the swimming gala and our cricket team coming 2nd in the borough. This is due to improved teaching of skills as well as enthusiasm, hard work and competitive spirit from the children.

There are again a large proportion of children in school (around 150) attending after school, sports based clubs, including a larger number of girls than before.

We have created more opportunities for girls to partake in competitive sports, including a lunchtime netball club which is regularly attended by 20 girls. We are also looking forward to having our girls football team and a girls cricket team during this year.

After training and a staff meeting, Orienteering skills are now being taught and embedded across KS1 and KS2. Teachers reported high levels of enthusiasm and confidence among their pupils toward the end of last year.

Since introducing new equipment and variety of activities to lunchtimes and playtimes on the field, there has been an increase in active children. We hope this will continue this year on the playground when we have introduced the new zoned areas.



The impact of the funding 2013-14:

P.E and physical activity are now seen as high profile across the school and the standard of teaching and the skills being taught have been raised.

The amount of children taking part and accessing P.E lessons fully has increased across the school.

Over 120 children in school have taken part in a range of sports clubs including:

Dance, Gymnastics, Mixed football and Cricket.

We have entered the several competitions during this period including a swimming gala, cricket tournaments and football tournaments. The teams for these events have proved very successful and have been achieving better results than they have previously.

95% of children by the end of year 6 were able to swim 25m or more.

Cricket coaches worked with children in years 3 and 4 to improve cricket skills which increased interest and participation in the cricket club.

All children across the school are taking part in sports day and all children including those with special educational needs are accessing a P.E curriculum.

Resources to teach a wider range of skills and sports have been purchased and are being used effectively in lessons.