Maritime Academy Trust

Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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Our Staff


 Mrs J Sheekey


Assistant Headteacher & Inclusion Manager

Mrs D Kelly 



Nursery: Mrs A Ellis, Reception: Mr D Barnes, Ms S Gordon  

Year 1: Miss K Hewitt, Mrs O Cakir

Year 2: Mr J Langsford, Miss C Garratty

Year 3: Mrs J Colley, Mrs C Allen, Mrs E Bromley

Year 4: Mr L Connor, Mr M Cheeseman

Year 5: Mrs S Edgar, Miss B Ellery

Year 6: Mrs S Hill, Miss J Driscoll

ASD Lead: Mrs K Cheeseman

PPA Cover: Mrs J Godden, Mrs E Sandford


Support Staff

Administrator: Mrs A Bourdet

Welfare Officer and Administrator: Mrs J Hall

Premises manager: Mr M Czyz

Nursery Nurse: Mrs C Fisher


Support Assistants

Mrs B Allen, Mrs S Carcavella, Mrs C Cawley, Mrs A Chappenden, Mrs J Charsley, Mrs K Cooper,  Mrs T Dawson, Mrs H Double, Mrs D Farrell, Mrs M French (HLTA), Miss S Glover, Miss S Griggs, Mrs G Hart, Miss L Hart, Miss R Ibironike, Mrs J Jackson, Miss S Lawrence, Mrs J Laws, Mrs M Marchant, Miss N Mote, Miss S Parker, Miss R Patching,  Mrs D Reed, Mrs H Richardson, Mrs J Ruane, Mrs L Sbuttoni, Mrs B Stark, Mrs S Stockburn, Mr S Vacher, Mrs C Warren, Mrs E Wrate 


Breakfast/After School Club Lead

Miss S Griggs, Miss S Glover


Midday Supervisors

Mrs A Cowie, Mr B Farge, Mrs L Gill, Miss L O'Connell, Mrs H Patrick, Mrs A Robins, Mr G Robins, Miss N Stannard, Miss J Stewart, Mrs E Martin


Relief Midday

Mrs S Ahmed