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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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Who we are 

Welcome to Hook Lane Primary School,

Our motto is Encouraging Fearless Learners. 

We achieve this by providing a broad, varied, exciting and relevant curriculum in an environment where children feel both safe and challenged. We build a culture that runs on love, kindness and happiness, where the contagious quality of a smile is never underestimated and where happy children and happy staff are able to work hard. We support each other to make every day, week, month, year better than the last with every member of the community pulling together. We model risk-taking, challenge, failure and success in order to fearlessly break down barriers. We teach children not just facts, but how to be learners and how to love learning - skills which will remain with them throughout their lives. We see children not just for who they are, but for who they can become, helping each individual to fulfil their potential. 

 At Hook Lane, we aim to secure an environment where children have confidence in themselves whilst valuing the opinions, strengths and cultures of others. We believe that children learn most effectively through active participation in the learning process so that they build their knowledge through understanding. We also recognise that children come into school at different starting points and a real strength at Hook Lane is enabling all our pupils to make good progress at their level. 

We want to foster curiosity in all our children and a love of learning so that they are able to take on new challenges and make good progress.

We encourage all children at Hook Lane Primary School to strive to achieve their aspirations through the use of praise, reward and by setting realistic yet challenging expectations. We want our children to have the skills necessary to contribute to the wider community and become lifelong learners.

We respect and value the support of parents in the education of their children and share your expectations for your child: to be happy, safe and to learn well at our school.


Joy Sheekey

Head Teacher