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Encouraging Fearless Learners

How you can help your child


Underneath you will find a recommended reading list, the grammar coverage for year 5 and also the writing ladder that we use with their extended writing. 

Reading is so important and we would love you to encourage and foster your child's love of this. Regularly listening to them reading aloud and mixing this with reading aloud to them are great ways to help encourage them. Asking different questions and discussing what they have read also promotes their understanding and enjoyment of the texts.

Below is a recommended reading list and under this are some ideas for questions but feel free to make them as interesting as you wish!

This is the grammar coverage expected for year 5 across the whole year. 

This is the writing ladder that we use to help the children see where they are in their writing. These are all NC objectives for this year group. The green objectives indicate that the child is working towards expected standard. If your child is regularly checking all of these statements and all of the blue statements, this indicates that they are working at the expected standard. If your child's writing is exceptional and they are consistently meeting the expected standard, as well as the standards in the yellow box, they are exceeding.

Checking in with what they're learning in school and asking them to explain vocabulary/methods in maths/ grammar terms  is great for keeping your children on their toes and letting them be teacher! The termly pamphlet (in the classes menu then one of the options for year 5) is a basic overview of what the term will cover and if you would like to talk to us about units we are studying in subjects we'd be happy to help!