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Hook Lane Primary School

Encouraging Fearless Learners


Parent Questionnaire 2017

 Thank you to all who completed our survey. We only received 86 returns - a little lower than in previous years - so will be thinking about ways to improve on this number for next year. The relatively low number of returns affects the reliability of the data.

In this questionnaire we asked for your views on a number of matters directly relating to the children such as were they happy, felt safe, were making good progress and being taught well. The number of parents who strongly agreed or agreed with the following statements is indicated below.

My child is happy at this school


My child feels safe at this school


My child makes good progress at this school    


My child is well looked after at this school


My child is taught well at this school




We ask about behaviour, the management of the school and whether you would recommend Hook Lane to another parent. With regard to these questions the number of parents who again strongly agreed or agreed with the following statements is indicated below.

This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved


This school is well led and managed


This school responds well to any concerns I raise


I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress  


I am clear about the role of the Governing Body


Would you recommend this school to another parent



The governing body considered, taking into account the above figures and the general tone of the comments submitted, that parents and carers were generally very happy and pleased with the education that children receive and the overall performance of the school. There were, of course, a few individual issues and suggestions mentioned in comments which the school has been able to reflect on.

For an alternative way to record your views please click on the following link where you can complete the survey on line: