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Hook Lane Primary School

Encouraging Fearless Learners

Please be aware that the ASD Resource Provision is currently full with no expected spaces until 2021. 

ASD Resource Provision Admission Criteria


Admission Criteria for the ASD Resourced Provision place at Hook Lane Primary School



Referrals for admission will come from the Local Authority.  The referrals are considered by the Assistant Headteacher and Headteacher at Hook Lane to ensure that the following criteria are met.


Age Range: Reception to Year 6


  • All pupils will have a Statement of Educational Needs/EHC plan
  • There must be a clear medical diagnosis of Autism
  • Primary need must clearly be AS
  • Pupil’s performance in English and Maths should indicate potential to achieve at least working within Band 1 at the end KS1 and at least working within Band 2 at lower KS2. Children should be working within band 3 in upper KS2.
  • Formal and informal assessments indicate that pupils at a pre-school age are working within the ‘broadly average range’ eg making recognisable vocalisations suggesting the emergence of communicative intent; engaging with their environment; retaining information
  • Pupils will have the ability to verbally communicate without full reliance on communication aids, although may still need support and programmes devised by a Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) – delivered by trained Teaching Assistants.
  • Pupils for whom their Autism is a significant barrier to their performance, and whose learning difficulties cannot be met entirely from resources available to and in mainstream school
  • That the child is able to manage some time in a mainstream class on a daily basis.


Admission will not be agreed if


  • Home/parents are not in agreement of the strategies used at the school, and are not willing to support these by following them at home
  • The agreed number of funded places by the Local Authority is fully subscribed and admitting children over this number would be incompatible with the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources
  • Home is using or expressing intent to use Applied Behaviour Analysis programmes (ABA) as this conflicts with our Good Practice guidelines for working with children with Autism.
  • There is insufficient evidence of a clear diagnosis of Autism eg where it is reported ‘there are autistic traits’
  • There is evidence of moderate, severe or complex learning difficulties in addition to Autism.
  • The admission of a pupil would compromise the health and safety of the pupils and/or staff within the School or would compromise or disrupt the education of pupils already in attendance.
  • Siblings are not automatically admitted.