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Hook Lane Primary School

Encouraging Fearless Learners

Literacy at Hook Lane

 At Hook Lane School we strive for all pupils to become fully literate. This entails helping them to grow in confidence in reading, writing and speaking and listening, in order that they are able to use these skills as tools for learning in all subject areas. It is important to us that our pupils develop a love of learning and the motivation for lifelong learning in accordance with our school motto ‘Encouraging fearless learners’. Consequently we encourage our pupils (led by the example of staff and parents and carers) to read and write for pleasure, for purpose and for educational success. 

Genre Overview Years 1-6

Reading Expectations

Composition Expectations

Handwriting Expectations

Spelling Expectations

Transcription Expectations

 How you can support your child with their Literacy learning at home:

  • Model reading for pleasure. Children need to be taught that reading is an enjoyable, relaxing activity.


  • This can be achieved by sharing reading with them, hearing them read and reading to them for as long as possible.


  • Don’t assume that because your child can read the words, they have become an independent reader. Many children learn how to decode the words using phonic cues and memory long before they fully understand what they are reading. Continue to hear them read and to read to them so that you can ask them questions, discuss their reading with them and check their understanding. This can be valuable all the way through primary school.


  • Support children with learning to spell, based on the spelling rule or pattern set for homework. Encourage them to challenge themselves to broaden their vocabulary at the same time, by looking up words in a dictionary and using them in sentences.


  • Encourage children to write for pleasure. Tasks can be purposeful – such as writing thank you letters, keeping a scrap book journal of a holiday or creating their own party invitations.


  • Try to model correct language use and expect this back from your child. (We know that this can be a difficult one!) Encouraging your household to have a ban on the word ‘ain’t’ or to say ‘we did’ instead of ‘we done’ and ‘we were’ instead of ‘we was’ can really have a positive impact on your child’s writing.

Useful  websites with age-related book recommendations: