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Encouraging Fearless Learners

Pupil Premium 2014/15

Pupil Premium Grant 2014/15

Pupil Premium Allocation for FSM (estimated):  £66 300

Number of eligible pupils:  51

Pupil Premium Plus Allocation (held by Local Authority):  £1 900

Number of eligible pupils: 1

Pupil Premium Plus Allocation (received by school):  £9 500

Number of eligible pupils:  5


Pupil Premium Provision Planned for 2014-15

Provision has been planned based on the needs of some individuals who are eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant, the generic needs of the PPG group as a whole (identified through our pupil tracking processes) and the needs of the school.  The following list provides a summary of where we plan to spend our PPG funding during the academic year 2014-15.  This list is not exhaustive and we will continue to assess the children’s needs, our plans will be adapted through the year if necessary.

During the academic year 2014-15 we plan to spend our PPG and PPP funding in the following ways:

  • To provide 1:1 and small group tutoring in numeracy and maths for individual pupils who are vulnerable to underachievement, as identified in termly pupil progress meetings.
  • To provide small group extension tutoring to enable high and average attaining pupils to ensure good progress is maintained, as identified in pupil progress meetings.
  • To provide 1:1 and small group interventions by TA’s in order to plug gaps in learning and/or support Special Educational Needs, as identified by the Assistant Head Teacher.
  • To provide therapeutic intervention, social and behavioural support for individual children, as identified by the Assistant Head Teacher.
  • To acquire effective materials, aimed at raising standards, particularly in writing.
  • To appoint a Teaching Assistant to support the transition of pupils between reception and Year 1.
  • To provide 1:1 support in the classroom for some, identified, individual children in order to effectively support their specific needs.
  • To provide financial assistance in order for some eligible children to access music lessons.
  • To provide financial assistance for some eligible pupils to access clubs, both in and out of school, in order to support the development of social skills, as identified by the Assistant Head Teacher.
  • To support some staff training where needs have been identified relating to the children eligible for Pupil Premium.

Proposed Budget for PPG 2014/15

The following budget is based on the expected allocation for PPG children eligible for free school meals during this academic year.  It may be subject to change during the year.





Instrument hire

Ensure access to extracurricular music opportunities for PPG children.


Reduce class sizes in Y6 Maths and KS1 phonics.

Provide greater focus on individual needs to ensure pupils are KS2/secondary ready.


Intervention groups (behavioural, social, academic)

To support those pupils who are vulnerable to underachievement


Tutor groups

To support pupils in making accelerated progress where necessary.  To boost and extend the attainment of those PPG children who are currently working at expected levels and above.  Needs indicated through regular tracking and pupil progress meetings.


Staff training and teaching resources

To support staff in delivering the curriculum and improving outcomes in areas identified by senior leaders as being areas for development.  We plan to spend this amount on improving progress in writing throughout the school and maths in some year groups during this academic year in order to improve outcomes for PPG children across the school.



During termly pupil progress meetings teachers often identify needs for specific children and groups of children in their class and unforeseen circumstances may arise for individual children.


The impact of this spending will be reported to you following the end of the 2014-15 academic year.

 Impact of PPG spending in the 2014-15 academic year