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Hook Lane Primary School

Encouraging Fearless Learners

Pupil Premium 2016/17

Pupil Premium Grant 2016/17

Pupil premium allocation for FSM (estimated): £60 720

Number of eligible pupils: 46

Pupil premium plus allocation: £19 000

Number of eligible pupils: 10

During this school year funding was allocated at the following rates:

  • £1320 per pupil eligible for Free School Meals (or in the past 6 years).
  • £1900 for any pupil who has left Local Authority Care (At any point in the last 6 years).
  • £300 per pupil who has a parent in Service.
  • £300 per pupil eligible for the Early Years Pupil Premium Grant.

Spending Plan for Pupil Premium Money in the Academic Year 2016/17


Planned Actions


TA staffing

Intervention group funding for social/emotional and academic support.

1 part time in class support provides in class support for individual pupils and ensures teacher focus for groups of more able pupil premium children.

Transition mentoring to provide support for pupils who may be vulnerable at this time (5).

1 TA full time in Autumn term to support specific individuals and general PPG pupils in Year 1, moving to part time after Christmas to support specific individuals.


£43 240

Teacher Staffing

3 pupils to access 1:1 intervention tutoring and 2 pupils to receive 2:1 tutoring where tracking has highlighted a vulnerability to underachievement.

Short term tutor groups to offer a range of interventions including:

·        Year 5 maths and reading interventions.

·        3x10 week intervention groups based on key pupils identified as vulnerable to under-achievement through tracking.

·        Year 2 maths and writing intervention.

·        Year 6 maths challenge group.

Reducing class sizes for Year 6 maths and Key Stage 1 phonics.


£11 800

ASD Provision Support

3 pupils access the provision and require specific resources and support.


£3 960

Music Curriculum

Pupils who express an interest are supported to access Bird College music lessons in violin, drums, brass or woodwind.


£1 000

Support with extended curriculum, trips and clubs

Money set aside to support pupils where necessary in accessing extra-curricular events. Including support in accessing after school club for 1 identified pupil and support in accessing Year 5 school journey as necessary.


£5 019

Resources and Staff Training

Miscellaneous resources as identified in pupil progress meetings by class teachers, Inclusion manager or subject leaders.

Including support in resourcing and staff training for introducing the Singapore Bar method which has been identified as a key school priority, particularly in Key Stage 1 and for lower ability Key Stage 2 pupils in order to maintain high standards for all in mathematics.


£14 000