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Hook Lane Primary School

Encouraging Fearless Learners

Intervention Groups

Intervention Groups are run on a termly basis to offer additional support for children where concerns have been raised, either by a member of staff or parents. Each child on an Intervention is regularly assessed so that their progress can be measured, and so that they can be removed from the Intervention in a timely fashion.

Class Teachers liaise with the Teaching Assistants and receive termly evaluations and assessment data for each child accessing an intervention.

Some Interventions such as Speech and Language groups are long term programmes and follow set targets and objectives set by a Speech and Language Therapist. Sensory diets are followed for those children with a recognised condition and a programme set by an Occupational Therapist.

English Interventions

These may include:

Dyslexikit spelling programme-small group

Write away together- 1:1

Reading comprehension - small group

Writing- small group

Reading/Writing group- small group

Wave 3 Reading  - 1:1

Maths Interventions

These may include:

Maths group- small group

Headstart Maths- 1:1




Speech and Language Interventions

These may include:

Reception Narrative programme- small group

Speaking and Listening through Narrative programme- small group

Oral to Written Narrative programme- small group

Active Listening- small group or 1:1

Memory Magic programme- small group or 1:1

Auditory Memory- small group

EAL language group- small group

Reception language group- small group

The Listening programme- 1:1

Motor co-ordination Interventions

These may include:

Jump Ahead - small group

Sensory Diet- 1:1 as recommended by an Occupational Therapist

Sensory circuits- 1:1

Social Development Interventions

These may include:

Social skills- small group

Turn taking- small group

Social skills cooking group- small group

Peer relationships- small group

Messy play- small group

Snack time- small group

Emotional Wellbeing

These may include:

Therapeutic Play- Draw and Talk and Sand Tray therapy - 1:1 

Anger Management- 1:1

Behaviour Management - 1:1

Self esteem- 1:1 or small group

ASD diagnosis sharing- 1:1 with the Autism Advisory Service

Sensory room sessions- 1:1 or small group

Yr 6 Transition groups