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Hook Lane Primary School

Encouraging Fearless Learners

What the parents say about the Intervention Groups



'I am happy with her progress. She is better now in reading and writing'-Wave 3 Reading



I'm very pleased with my daughter's progress ... she has a lot more confidence- Maths 1:1

'We have seen an improvement in his reading' -  Comprehension group

'....has been trying hard with her reading. We also read at home everyday. I am happy that the hard work has paid off!' - Wave 3 Reading programme

'Many thanks for your continued help and support'

'I am really happy with my daughter's progress and am more than happy for her to continue with the intervention' - Maths 1:1

'My son is now reading more at home. I am pleased with his progress' - Comprehension group

'I agree that my son still needs extra help and pleased he is now getting this. He is starting to enjoy reading now'

'My daughter is now doing well with Maths at home and is now enjoying numbers'- 1:1 Maths