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Encouraging Fearless Learners

What the pupils say about the Intervention Groups



 These are some of the end of year comments from children who have been part of Intervention Groups

"If you've got a problem, think straight and tell." The TA leading the group 'answered questions and I felt at ease asking them'  - Self-esteem group


Maths 1:1 - The TA 'helps me by explaining the questions', it helps back in the classroom 'because when I'm in Maths, I know more what to do when I get stuck.'

"The Wave 3 Reading programme helps me back in the classroom because when we do spelling tests I remember what we did in the group"


"Therapeutic play sessions are fun and if I'm stressed it releases the stress. I have learned to speak more about my problems, I come out relaxed"


"I have enjoyed Wave 3 Maths because I learned new things that I didn't know. When I am back in class it helps me because I remember the methods I have been taught"


Using Dyslexikit "I have learned lots, it was fun and it made me excited. I know my whole alphabet. Mrs Allen helps me to understand and teaches me to play new games"

Writing - 'It helps me to do more work than I used to. Sometimes we do the work before the class has and I know how to do it. I can write more words than I used to.'

'I've learned how to read a bit better. When I read with her I can read properly in class. My spellings are good - Reading/Spelling

Social Skills and Anger Management work- "I have learned to share, to calm down, and to talk and tell people. It helps to talk. It has helped me back in the classroom to think a little bit quicker and keeps me calm"

'I love it, because you can learn new things. I can read chapter books now. The TA teaches me the sound cards and spelling rules...I get confused in class sometimes so I can remember what she says and it helps.' - Wave 3 Reading

Year 6 Transition- 'They gave me some great advice for secondary. I am now ready and excited to go to secondary.' 

' I was really worried at first but now I feel very confident. My favourite thing was knowing what to put in my bag.'

The Maths group helps me because when I get into class I feel more prepared.

"I like the Intervention groups because I like Reading and writing. The stories are also exciting. I have learned to use bigger words I didn't know. I can now use full stops and capital letters. The group helps me back in class because if I am stuck on a word, I remember if we did it in a group"


Auditory Memory group- 'It helps me with my Literacy. It's interesting. When the TA takes me out it helps me in class with remembering things.'