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Hook Lane Primary School

Encouraging Fearless Learners

Golden Book


Each week teachers nominate two children from their class who have achieved well to be included in our Golden Book. They are presented with a certificate during our Friday celebration assembly, have their name recorded in our Golden Book and have their photo displayed on our Stars of the Week board.


Congratulations this week to:




Year 1:

Debbie - for great counting and writing numbers

Leo - for good sitting, listening and joining in

Ashma - for settling in so well

Findlay - for working hard to complete all tasks

Year 2:

Isla - for always looking for ways to challenge herself

Lois - for starting Year 2 with a nature attitude

Emre - for working hard and doing his best

Sophia - for always doing her best

Year 3: 

Sophia - for excellent effort in all lessons

Alex - for brilliant participation in all lessons

Alex - for starting Year 3 with a fantastic attitude

April - for making an effort to read every night

































Year 4:

Aston - for making a fantastic start to Year 4

Katy - for helping new starters settle into Hook Lane

Holly - for fantastic place value work in Maths

Charla - for giving 100% all week

Year 5:

Taya - for writing a lovely space poem

Sydney - for writing a lovely space poem

Faye - for lots of enthusiasm in class

Frankie - for answering lots of questions in class

Year 6:

Taylor - for fantastic art work

Isabelle - for writing a fantastic diary entry based on our Power of Reading Book

Leana - fantastic reading comments in her diary

Leah - facing her fears and getting in the pool